Auras ... by Ally

Auras ... by Ally

Welcome to Auras ... by Ally

About Us


She's only 11 ...

.. but she can read your aura and share your unique color with you.


Support her dreams... she can open your eyes to your own dreams!

Ally enjoys meeting new people and making friends, kittens and unicorns, and ice cream.

But what are your dreams?  And will your aura support your career or choices in life?  Explore with Ally.


What does your $20 get you?

You'll spend just 15 minutes with Ally.  She will tell you your color, but even better, she'll match the shade she sees to a card she colors with her crayon pallet.  (She's 11, after all....!)

Depending on your current mood, she may be able to share any swirls or flashes of color that compliment your mood.

You will also receive a card or print out explaining the general meaning of your color.


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By Appointment Only

Ally goes to school so she only can work between 3 and 5pm, or by appointment on evenings and weekends, during the school year.  School breaks allow her more time to make new friends, so give us a ring and schedule an appointment with her now!

Auras ... by Ally

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By appointment only!

* Travel time rates apply when we travel to you.

* Auras reading parties available!